By Adedamola Adewale and Mosadoluwa Fasasi

So many folks out there are continuously learning and that’s great but some have probably found out there isn’t much to show for it, even with the rate at which they upskill themselves and they keep wondering what is going on. …

Team Aorthar get-together, Takway Bay, 2020

Everyone has a mouthful to say about 2020. Majorly bad reviews while a larger half would speak a bit kindly, but the truth is, it’s been a melodramatic year.

With Companies shutting down, industries folding up, hospitals maxing out and morgues booming, it’s definitely been a year that challenged us…

By Adewale Adedamola

Hey wassup

[First of all, the context and content of these post preaches the “what works for you” thingy, and I am not fighting with you if you don’t agree]

[Secondly, this is an observation that breed a discussion of test of economics]


I made a…

By Zikanni and Gideon

Looking at our earlier posts, it’s a fact that your brand is your identity. It’s who you are. It’s more than your logo. It covers your values, integrity and so on. However, bad branding can mean bad business. As much as you don’t want to compromise yourself in order…

By Zikanni and Gideon

Graphic design has a rich history. The word “graphic design” didn’t appear on the scene until 1922, when William Dwiggins created the word to describe the art of designing with graphics. In the earliest days of graphic design, professionals drew by hand. In the beginning, designers were artists who sketched…

By Zikanni

We watch movies. We read books. We live life. One thing man holds sacred is his identity. Why do I exist? Why do I belong here? Do I even belong here? This has formed the theme of most high school teenage movies. However, it doesn’t make the truth…


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