Team Aorthar get-together, Takway Bay, 2020

Everyone has a mouthful to say about 2020. Majorly bad reviews while a larger half would speak a bit kindly, but the truth is, it’s been a melodramatic year.

With Companies shutting down, industries folding up, hospitals maxing out and morgues booming, it’s definitely been a year that challenged us all to step out of our comfort zones.

At Aothar, it’s been a year of scaling. Scaling new heights, learning new concepts, working with fresh minds, unlocking new potentials and even going new miles. Just like every other, we’ve lost and we’ve gained, but we’re still here, firmer than ever.

Some things we discovered along the way and learnt to value, similar to a scaling trip are;

  • Teamwork: It’s easier to scale a mountain alone, probably faster too, but also easier to slip and die. We’ve learnt that, majority can be a blessing especially with oneness of target. We’ve learnt to listen to each other, accept new weird ideas, and to work together against all odds. We’ve learnt to look out for each other, covering our nakedness and making sure that we give only the best out. We’ve learnt to function as a team, even more, a family.
  • Knowledge: We learnt this year, to pour more resources into learning and owning that extra edge and difference from the crowd. There’s so much it has to offer.
  • Fun: we learnt recently also that a good hangout keeps the brain working. It showed the importance of bonding and helped us connect in deeper ways than we already had. It also helped us appreciate the little things that matter in the end.

Looking back at how far we’ve come and the growth we’ve amassed as a team and as individuals, we’d say we are well among the larger set who’d look kindly on 2020. We had amazing creatives join us and we seamlessly create excellence on each job.

We have no idea what the next year holds, but we are so ready and positive. Thank you 2020!

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