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A call for Designers

Competing on a global scale as a Nigerian Creative can be difficult. In recent times, the chances of getting jobs as a designer have gotten even harder. Most of the time, talented and creative designers are stuck with the hurdle of connecting with clients.

This is why we at Aorthar are creating a product that connects worthy designers with top brands and businesses not only in Nigeria but around the world. With Motivv, you can access clients with just click. No charges or service fees what so ever.

We are launching a platform where you can create your profile card and submit your portfolio link for clients to view — to hire. The portfolio earns our rating and thus increases your chances of getting contacted.

Motivv will be releasing it’s website where you can upload your portfolio link for clients to view — to hire you. Your Portfolio will earn you our Rating as that will improve your chances of getting hire.

You have the opportunity to continue negotiations with the prospect, your free will!

How to use Motivv as a designer

Getting hired for project gets easy by setting your profile. Input your details and start getting gigs. No login processes, No long story!

  1. Create a profile with us by submitting your well arranged portfolio link.

2. We will rate you by what we see — and approved your profile if you are worthy.

3. Set your valued fee according to how much you charge per project

4. Negotiation is done between the you and clients. PS: make sure you don’t get underpaid from what you provided.

A call for Clients

Are you a business owner struggling to make sales even though your product/ service is excellent? Research has shown that good designs are a major differentiator in ensuring products succeed in a crowded global market. Engaging your customers through brilliant and consistent designs can make your brand really unforgettable.

Do you want to connect with top designers in the industry? From experts in Product designs to Branding, User Interface and experience designs motion designers, graphic designers, 3d artist, illustrator, content designer, etc, Motivv is the best platform that allows you just that.

You get to access designers already vetted and approved by us, check out their portfolio, and connect with them in just one click.

How to use Motivv as a client:

  1. Enter you email to explore design talents

2. Recommended profiles are vetted designers and premium profiles are elite professional to be hired –– we will be charging a fee of NGN1,000 for you to be able to view the portfolio and contact of this talents.

3. Negotiation is done between the you and the designer. Our purpose is to connect you two.

4. The designers profiles are approved by our admins, just so you know that they pass through sorting before approval.

admin dashboard for talent vetting

Closing Remarks

Motivv is a product of our dear company, Aorthar, a gift to design community, close target to those of us that have been a little bit issue with getting clients.

We intend to breach the gap between prospects and designers that will of course be vetted before we push into recommendation for any out lookers.

Log on to www.motivv.co to start with us now!


Motivv Team, Aorthar.

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