How to charge Clients Well as a Designer.

  1. Bill in accordance with your competitors.

Get it done on time = $More Compensation

Get it done below clients budget = $More Compensation

  • Create a custom email for you
  • Create Google profiling
  • Make some graphic design for you
  • Manage your social media for a month
  • Create a blog
  • 3 landing pages.

Now how can I charge for value?

Actually this is where my friend missed it. He laid an example of a certain time he charged 750k for branding, cool! Clients will pay it once and for all. But it is not so enticing, it’s too dry. You can do it better this way in similar cases, because the success or failure of the brand has nothing to do with you. If the branding fails in 3months time, like we normally say’ “what’s my business, I have collected my money, whatever happens to you is not my fault” right? Well that is not good cause it lacks empathy, cause your client takes all the risk and you are getting the full reward.

Charging for value is like this:

Let’s say the revenue your clients generate is N10M a year, from your finding, you discovered this, or you know the CEO and how rich he is, during briefing or negotiation, you can say something like, “you know what? I can help you get more sales, get you more instagram followers, get you more leads, get you more reach, you will end up generating more revenue, I will put some systems in place that will last 6months from now, or a year, we will keep working together, during this long term period, and i will help you generate 15M. If it doesn’t work, Pay me 500k (rather than 750k), if it works, pay me 3M”



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