How to use the slack app: our official meeting platform

A general guide for intern freshmen.

By Adedamola

I’m sure you all haven’t used this app before... But we hope you like it by the time I am done explaining how it works.

Engaging in conversations

Reactions and emoticons

You can react to a post by holding your target message, and clicking on “Add reaction”

We use reaction to express how we feel about an information and also to signify that we got it.

Thread and comment

You can also reply a message by commenting under it... As we have it on whatsapp "reply" button, but it is called "thread" here. Simply click the message you want to comment on and tap the thread box


We also have what they call the channels. If you tap the Aorthar red icon (or other color you belong in) by your left where the menu is you will see some hash tags. Some are locked, some are opened. The locked ones are private, the opened one can be replied/entered by anyone.

Unread messages in channels are in bold. Then we have the private messages where you can chat with anybody privately

Setting your notifications

Now the first thing you want to do is to tap the arrow at the right side of the channel heading, the grey heading and click on notification setting.

Activate the "notify me of all messages" option So that when we send messages here it notifies you like normal WhatsApp

You might need to do this to every channel you belong.

Updating your Bio

So the next things I need you to do now is to update your bio. Please use easily recognizable display names, and configure your what your do as a designer, writer or developer (intern).

Please use good clear photos, like a passport photograph, something good and obvious for your display photo.

Note: do not use snap chat filter, white and black photos, group pictures or selfies.

Signing in

Now, Every morning at 9am. The slack app will remind you to sign in.

You need to enter the slack app and type: "Signing in" (this will indicate that, you are ready for the day. And also prove your availability. It doesn’t have to be that exact morning. Just login anytime you are online and available)

Please this is very important.

just consider this platform as an office, where you need to pen down your arrival ever morning. That is what signing in means

when slackbots send you a reminder, that you should Log in to Aorthar community and indicate your availability status, just open the app, and type Signing in to this #general channel.

In fact, anything that has to do with Aorthar, we prefer you use the slack platform. That is our office, whether as DM or General.

However, we will have better conversational means via WhatsApp when there’s need for one, for fast and better accessibility.

Important channels

#reports are for weekly reporting of whatever we are asked to do on the #tasksfortheweek channel.
Slackbot will remind you to check in the #tasksfortheweek... When you know what to do... Take your time, except if it’s labeled urgent... Do it within that week and report end of the week

Because we are involved with outside businesses such as school and other works, our #tasksfortheweek are simple and singular... It also allows flexibility and engagement and also make sure you have us in mind and that you take responsibility seriously. Put it in mind that we are running a semi-corporate firm.

#sampleguidesfiles are documents, links, pdfs, materials that I can drop from you.. (especially from my works or what I gain access to from working) so that you can also have an idea how things look like literally. Incase we have existing jobs... Files will be dropped in the #sampleguides-files (samples or file drop box) so you can check them out and can apply at any thing u are involved with.

Please... Don’t share them with anyone


Rules and suggestions

1. We are all design interns
2. We are all designers one way or the other.
3. Some of us are still undergoing training.
4. If you have access to bigger jobs that you can handle.. You can drop here (officers in charge will take note of its execution) .. So we are tackle it. Tell people you do anything evolving around design.
5. Always respond to general messages. (we despise snubs, we kick people like that out of my business)
6. no insults. Calm down.
7. Do not take you tasks with levity. Please report to every task. No excuse (except school)
8. Always sign in every day by 9am on the group.
9. Always acknowledged messages please.
10. Always indicate if you are available for freelance work while the gigs drop.

A little more addition…

From the Team lead, Aorthar

Now that we are clear, I want you to note that there is diffrence between the task you will be given weekly and freelance works.

As we agreed, you have a responsibility of attending to works coming into the company websites, emails and all

But of course, the most engaging person on our gigs (freelance), is the best we are promoting as a staff/team.

In my own team, we engage in more serious know? normal stuff.

Now i don't want u guys to get this wrong.....

Everyone are interns, but here, we are under going trainings but there, we do more of projects stuffs.

its not like they are done with their training before they went up there, they were also called on because they were very very active

and not all of them as designers as we have here...there are graduates and all. content creators, writers, research and devlopers

so its a big deal

But what concerns us is training and more design trainings. This will set you up to go the next level of more qualified interns


I hope its clear and not bad at all...?

You can always ask me any question, anytime

We hope you enjoy a swift experience.

Welcome to Aorthar!

Have any questions?


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