By Adedamola Adewale and Mosadoluwa Fasasi

So many folks out there are continuously learning and that’s great but some have probably found out there isn’t much to show for it, even with the rate at which they upskill themselves and they keep wondering what is going on. Do you feel the same way?

If yes, let us have a brief discussion. Let’s headline our discussion to give us proper direction. Let us call it: Exponential growth.

In Economics and Management, there is a method by which you can engage to keep track of yourself (your progress). I will be showing you this method and I will be using a designer, NO, A YouTuber as a case study. This method can be engaged by anybody in whatever sphere!

Damola is a YouTuber who has 900 subscribers on his channel. He posts 10 videos a week and being a good manager and observer, he noticed that each week, he gains 100 new subscribers. However, he decided he wasn’t satisfied and that he wanted more. So, on the 1st of May, he wrote his goals like you also did and included in it that he wants to achieve 10,000 subscribers before the end of month.

Now, let me show you how the Law of Exponential Growth works.

-Damola wants to have 10,000 subscribers by the end of May, call that;
‘Project Goal — 10,000 subscribers’

It is common sense to think that if 10 videos fetched him a 100 new subscribers, 20 videos should fetch him 200 new subscribers, right!? Good.

Your sense works but the Law of Exponential Growth says a big NO to that. The law says you are more likely to earn 3x or 4x! That is why it is called ‘‘exponential” it increases, rapidly! The results never remain the same, they keep getting compounded.

This law applies to other life activities such as the rate at which your social media pages gain followers. Take Twitter for example, the rate at which you gained your first 100 followers is not the same as when you gained the 200th follower. If you noticed, you would see that the rate you gained the first 100 was slower than when you added another 100.

More like:
100 followers — 6 months
200 followers — 4 months
300 followers — 12 weeks and so on.

Now, enough of the mathematical analysis. How does this apply to YOU!?
It is very important that you manage yourself as a project if you want to earn yourself the fattest income, this is what many folks who keep on skill stacking are ignorant of.
Do not quit in learning/working on yourself (being a project) because the results have not been forthcoming. They will surely come in compounded forms (remember the Law of Exponential Growth?).
Naturally, results are meant to be linear, but these results we are talking about always come exponentially.
Linear – 1a, 1b, 1c
Exponential – 1a, 2b, 4c

Sometimes, you can experience creeps (if you take in too much in without pouring some out) but, proper self-management will help you avoid that. You are guided through self-management and assessment to know when to stay, when to push, pull or recede.

You must learn to understand that your pace with others is very personal and self strategic. You have your own customization and you are managing yourself. Don’t rush it!

I’m quite fond of saying “Growth is a personal Race.” Because it’s the truth! You need to start treating yourself as an ongoing project and a sequential program. You cannot happen instantaneously. Your build up in sequence is what blooms into fullness, and that’s growth!

I would like you to internalize this illustration about A Project and A Program.
A Project: is basically a program than has a specific timeframe which eventually is accomplished.
A Program: is basically an operation of cycles, continuous never ending cycles which in turns lead to the actualization of many projects.

You will always be a work in progress, a succession of running programs yet, there are phases you need to start and finish. It has to be that way, you have to understand this.

I bring our discussion to an end on this final note; DOCUMENT YOUR PROGRESS!

They will come in real handy. On some days, they will remind you why you started, on other days, they will remind you of how far you’ve come and on some days, they will motivate you to learn more and not give up!

As for me, I am implementing this first hand and that’s why I will be recording every new thing I learn daily/weekly from the 1st of May till the 31st of December on Notionhq or Clickup. For as many that would love to follow suite, I will provide the template link (Calendar or Grantt view) soon so you can also start learning to manage yourself too, it’s a journey.

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