Why is online graphic design gigs much cheaper than their offline service charges

First before we go more detail, let’s go a little bit into economics. John happens to be a very good barber, cuts nice haircut for #200 per haircut, he’s highly patronized, one weekend he opened up as usual but was shocked when no one came in to cut their hair, inquisitively he went outside to know what’s going on, only for him to discover there’s a new Barber’s shop right opposite his, and everybody is lined up there for a cut, he went close and spoke with one of his customers standing on queue why he’d chosen to come here for a cut instead of his shop, the fellow replied him "he charges #120 for a cut" dejected the john goes back to his shop,

A few weeks pass and the original barber notices that all his old customers are starting to return, happy to pay him #200 for their haircut. He asks one of his customers why he didn’t return to the cheaper barber and the customer says, the other barber was horrible. He gave everyone the same exact haircut, despite everyone wanting something unique and different.

Despite the cheaper price, the reason people get their hair cut in the first place is to look good. If the haircut is cheaper but doesn’t make you look good it’s just a waste of money. For people who don’t know any better, a #120 haircut is a bargain, but for people who do, they will pay whatever they think it’s worth to have the haircut they want.

Couple of years ago I met a music producer by the name monster, no doubt this guy's good, so we got talking and with time we became friends, along the line he told me something he said "most times I do work base on promoting my brand and not for the money, I've worked with artist who obviously are broke but have the talent I can't just overlook this talent and decide not to work for them, I'd do the job as best as possible, I also met another producer, this ones name I'd not disclose, he told me "I love to work, but then if you ain't got the money, then my door's closed" I've listened to his works. Compared to monster's the other producer has poor equipments, less knowledge of the work and slow jobs cause no body has the money to come work with him.

Lots of people make mistakes like the one those people made with the second barber, you should never chose to let a designer design for you cause the cost is cheap, don’t forget that means the work would most definitely be cheap too, and most graphic designers make same mistakes as the other producer, who believe they are worth more money and if you don’t have the money then ".... Their doors are closed" don’t get me wrong you’re definitely worth every single dime you place on your job but sometimes you just have to be considerate. According to Mr Odogwu a graphic designer. I asked him Why do graphic designers charge less for their online gigs than reality
The reasons are these:

  • Competition: there are several freelancers everywhere around the world. Some are hungry and charge lesser than necessary for jobs. So they tend to force the price downwards. For a client to reach you through your online marketing platforms it means he has reached/could reach several others, so to keep afloat your pricing have to be highly competitive. Indians, Iranians charge charge ridiculous prices. They are the main reasons why online gigs price lesser than face to face gig. Face to face gig knows you, believes in you and feels only you can do the job better. During face to face negotiations there’s time so I can convince and toast the client into accepting my price as against the online where once they approach U The first thing they want to hear is price and if it’s interesting they are off.

According to Mr. Damola also a graphic designer he said "Our business is an online business... So its the same charge Someone like me have a price list for all my services. Charging depends on negotiation power. But every designer already have their first price in their head...." He said the price doesn’t change its negotiation power that either makes the charge cheaper or too expensive, so it all depends on how good you are at negotiating and other times you just have the sense of appease, they are gods on your designs and so make them feel happy and you’d get an exclusive job done.

Conclusively, just like Mr. Damola had rightly spoken, some freelance graphic designers believe in asking the client for their budget and charge, whatever a client is willing to pay. The slight problem with this approach is if any two clients were to discuss their projects with one another and felt there was a discrepancy in the price, it wouldn’t reflect well on the graphic designer. Its highly unlikely this scenario would ever arise, however, with integrity and word of mouth such important aspects of freelance graphic designers, quoting per project should still have a level of consistency on graphic designer can justify.

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