Why you have not been given Internship Opportunities.

by Adewale Adedamola

An Intern at Aorthar

Speaking of Internship, 2years ago, I tried to Intern at Cregital. I really wanted to just work somewhere and now I understand why I wasn’t even considered regardless of my talent.

My Cover Letter for Internship Application at Cregital, 2019

There is no point stating the Obvious

You need to understand that, internship gives you experiences by default… whether more, or less, bad or good. There is no point writing it all over the place.

The formulae is to write less about who you are, and write more about the what you want to “offer” to the company you are applying for.

In my letter, it doesn’t even look like I wanted to add value to the company, it was all about me me me, I want to gain more this/that

You need to go straight to the point with your cover letter. And spend less time introducing or talking about yourself. Point out the exact role are you applying for.

This is important because your first contact is not the CEO. Not someone who can discern a great talent from a letter. It’s probably a secretary that is having a bad day. And there is your letter on its way to the junk.

In the first two paragraphs, indicate that you are a good asset in anywhere you work at. You are an excellent addition to any team. This is where your bragging right kicks in

Companies needs more hands to be honest, but they might not have the time to train them.

Don’t apply for an Internship for beginners “training”, go there to “work-to-learn”

Big difference here. Some of you don’t have prior knowledge of design, no good portfolio, nothing! And you want to go and “disturb” them with how to use a pen tool.

The key to applying for roles is still a quality portfolio.

Have a good portfolio, we are talking about metrics. How you have helped an organization/client/customer achieve milestones, don’t apply with empty hands. Fix your portfolio before you apply for anything. It’s just basic.

Have more than “Design” to offer

We talking about soft skills, solutions, ideas, make sure you are sound all round. Mention that you can offer helping hands in places outside Designs

Make sure you do a thorough research about where you are applying at.

Don’t just apply base on PR, or the instagram vibe. some of them are bad places to intern at.

Growth is still very personal

At the end of letter, indicate that you want to grow in your skills and working there will help you develop as much as you love learning and how much it’s going to be a “dream come true”

Please remove “online/remote” internship if you want to take internship serious.

In my opinion, it has more effect. You can do a two times in a week, 3 times, or Saturdays. Dressing to work, relationship with colleagues, Meetings and reports are all the things to learn too.

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