What defines a designer

There are so many designers out there today who are "whack designers" they are just out there to destroy the reputation of great designers. So many designer you see who as defined "whack designers" are just into the business of designing coincidentally, they didn’t plan it, it just happened to be the next thing on their list of money generator, so they just dive right straight into it, forgetting designing, just like so many other professions has ethics, rules and regulations guarding it. When you fail as a designer to adhere to this rules and regulations it is safe to classify you as part of the "whack designer".

I’ll be giving us in this publication some the major rules and regulation a good designer must adhere to or follow strictly.

1. Ability to use the right font. Some designers contradict this rule, only a little amount of persons strictly adhere to this rule, designs deserves unique font.
2. Ability to use the right color. A whole lot of "whack" designers have problem with colours, they don’t have clear idea of colors that blends or colours that goes together.
3. Ability to follow current design trends. Read, study, learn, surf the net check new designs, check trending designs, you grow as a designer when you do this, also talk to fellow designers. This also applies to other sectors of life, if you don’t learn you don’t get to grow. So learn
4. Ability to pass the right message at the end of the day.
5. Ability to help advert speak volume. If the advert doesn’t speak for itself then there was no reason for you as a graphic designer to be hired for the job in the first place.
6. Ability to affect sales.
There are several other rules or things to consider for your job to be classified as top notch.

Conclusively, it is said that what is good doesn’t need much promo so its evidential in this case, just try to be the best and you’d standout, it is said also as design can disrupt a product view to users, a bad design can make a product bad. A good design avoids that.

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