By Zikanni

We watch movies. We read books. We live life. One thing man holds sacred is his identity. Why do I exist? Why do I belong here? Do I even belong here? This has formed the theme of most high school teenage movies. However, it doesn’t make the truth of it any less. People respond to what they identify you as. It makes the work easier for them in deciding whether or not to associate with you.

Same thing goes for brands. Your brand is not distinct from your identity. Your brand is your identity. It makes you instantly recognizable to your customers. It is not easy to create a brand identity. It goes beyond the logo or the color. There’s more to it.

Take a look at Coca Cola, we can’t look at red or white without thinking of a cold drink of coke in our hands. This company has excelled in leaving a memorable impression of satisfaction of thirst in our minds.

The identity of a brand is crucial to the future of the business in question. It lives in the hearts and minds of consumers. Several elements need to be considered in order to replicate brands such as Coca Cola, Google, and so on.

THE LOGO is the face of your business. It goes beyond looking flashy and cool. A logo’s influence attracts the customer and the impression can either convince or confuse the customer on whether to look further into the business.

THE COMPANY’S MISSION is what the company stands for. This is the purpose of the company. How can a company have a purpose without an identity?

THE CREDIBILITY of a business depends on the brand identity of that business. Is this business consistent? Is the face of this business maintained over time? If so, is it maintained consistently?

At the end of the day, it all depends on you and your willingness to work hard to make your brand impressive to your consumers. Social media continues to be a great asset in communicating and finding out what the people want.

However, as vital as it is to listen to the people out there, don’t sell yourself short. Your values and integrity is what makes your brand stand out. You decision not to compromise makes your identity unique and sought for.

We are cenacle of designers trained to promote your brand through research, strategy, identity design and marketing communication. Design, Branding, UI/UX.

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